Facilities Contacts

Jeffrey White, Facilities Director
mail to: j.white@dover.k12.nh.us or jeffrey.white@cwservices.com
(603) 516-6882

Cathy Faure, Facilities Coordinator
mail to: c.faure@dover.k12.nh.us
(603) 516-6890

John Minihan, Assistant Facilities Manager      
mail to: john.minihan@cwservices.com
(603) 516-6890

Mary Towle-McKenney, Office Coordinator
mail to: m.mckenney@dover.k12.nh.us or mary.towlemckenney@cwservices.com                                                
(603) 516-6890

(603) 516-6892

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Facilities Rental Applications and Related Information
July 1, 2016 Updates

Please click here for the updated Rental of School Application, 
effective July 1, 2016

Please click here for important information regarding 
Performing Arts Facilities Use

Please click here for Dover High School's Auditorium Seating