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November Picture Gallery!

Happy Harvest! 
Our students paraded around the blacktop area in front of the school on November 1st.
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best behavior1.JPG (39000 bytes) This team takes behavior seriously! best behavior2.JPG (38509 bytes)
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harvest18.JPG (41747 bytes) No rain and moderate temperatures - a great combination for an outdoor parade! harvest23.JPG (41432 bytes)
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harvest29.JPG (41423 bytes) Things got a little sticky... harvest30.JPG (42098 bytes) ...and these pals stick together! harvest31.JPG (42602 bytes)
This is the make-a-word group, working on their drill team! mixedbat.JPG (41622 bytes) batfish.JPG (40018 bytes) fishbat.JPG (40140 bytes)
safari1.JPG (40861 bytes) The safari guide was looking for a few great students - aha! - he found some! safari2.JPG (40740 bytes)

We are having a very busy month! Our Kindergarten students have been having "Scarecrow Relay Races" in the Library, racing to dress like a scarecrow. Victoria told her classmates about the ribbons she has won in horseback riding competitions. Ms. Cumming's Third Grade and Mr. Hobson's Fourth Grade have started a recycling program, and Mrs. Allen's class hosted a WTSN radio station broadcast.
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recycling1.JPG (39116 bytes) "Your recycling team is coming around..." recycling2.JPG (39782 bytes) Schedule: Grades 3 & 4, Tuesdays, new addition on Thursdays. recycling3.JPG (39978 bytes)
Our school, with the help of some friends, contributed more than 1,000 items to the WTSN Caring and Sharing food drive. broadcast1.jpg (27423 bytes) broadcast2.jpg (25877 bytes) broadcast3.jpg (24894 bytes)

On November 11, 1951, a time capsule was placed in the cornerstone of Woodman Park School. Paulette Blais Sirois and her father, Maurice Blais, sealed the capsule in place. Our renovations have uncovered the capsule and on November 15 Mrs. Sirois, Thom Hindle, and representatives from the construction contractors Bonnette, Page and Stone opened the capsule in front of our students, staff and honored guests. Ms. Bstandig, a first grade teacher, remembers placing a dime in the capsule. Her dime, and several other coins, were discovered along with letters, documents, curriculum, a tape recording and slides. Items are currently on display in the library. 
tc34.JPG (39671 bytes) Outside... tc33.JPG (40197 bytes) Inside... tc2.JPG (41129 bytes)
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tc19.JPG (40307 bytes) tc20.JPG (39422 bytes) tc21.JPG (39082 bytes) tc22.JPG (40795 bytes) tc23.JPG (40145 bytes)
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tc29.JPG (39845 bytes) tc31.JPG (39726 bytes) tc30.JPG (41348 bytes) tc32.JPG (39978 bytes) What should we put back into the capsule and what should we add from today?

A fall Book Fair was held during the week of November 13. Thank you to the PTO, Momma D's, our volunteers, and all our families for supporting this event. fbf2.JPG (40573 bytes) fbf3.JPG (40257 bytes) fbf4.JPG (37887 bytes)

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