SMARTboard Workshop Resources

Data Projector and SMART Board Connection Instructions
(In-Focus model)

1.   Prepare Plan B

2.   Think about Plan C, too, just in case

3.   Do a dry run

4.   Pray

5.   Given the placement of computers in our rooms, it might be best to plan on using the school laptop for presentations. It is certainly more portable, and the ports may be accessed with greater ease.

6.   Sign out laptop, data projector, and SMARTboard from library at Horne and Woodman Park; from the computer lab at Garrison; Tech Office/Library at Dover Middle School

7.   Think about where to set up.

8.   Plan electrical connections around traffic patterns (the lamp needs the fan to cool down, so the projector needs to run after the presentation is completed).

9.   You need a heavy duty extension cord with multiple outlets. (Please be sure they come back with the cart and projector)

10. Make all electrical connections...laptop to power source, projector to power source, speakers (if needed) to laptop and power source, connect the SB to the USB port on the laptop or CPU.

11. Hook computer to projector at the monitor port  it is the blue port to the right in this picture. This view shows the back of the laptop.

12. The blue plug goes to the blue plug...this model even says "Computer" on one plug.

13. Turn on computer

14. Turn on projector (Power button depressed)

15. If the laptop screen stays dark, or the projector does not recognize the computer, hold the Function key FN and press F5 one or two times. Open your presentation.

16. Say a prayer of Thanksgiving

17. When your presentation is complete, close all programs,  turn off the laptop and turn off the projector (power button - in this model press it once and then you will be prompted to press it again) Please do not unplug the projector until the indicator light stops blinking and the fan shuts off. (We're talking a $400. bulb, here, and no budget for replacement.)

18. Unplug all electrical connections, pack up, and return projector equipment to the place of origin.

Return checklist:

_____Projector with all cords


_____Extension cord and surge protector



_____Remote control

_____SMARTboard tools

SMARTboard Workshop Internet Resources
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New! Fall 2008...SMARTBoard Notebook 10 upgrades are installed in the library and computer lab data projector/SMARTBoard stations at the elementary schools. Notebook 10 has a wealth of lessons and resources available for you to use. Access them through the Gallery link in Notebook 10.

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