Dover High School Alternative Program

50 Alumni Drive, Dover, NH 03820

603-516-6790 phone, 603-516-6791 fax

The Alternative Program was designed to serve students who have been identified as at-risk due to behavioral, emotional or learning challenges. The Alternative Program offers a small setting with low student to staff ratio. Along with a Director, there is a full-time faculty of 5 classroom teachers all certified and highly qualified in their content areas and/or special education. There is also a full-time guidance counselor, a Special Education Case manager, and two paraprofessional staff for additional student support.

Upon completion of course of study the student earns a regular Dover High School diploma.

Teaching and learning in the Dover Alternative Program is designed to maximize opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, with an emphasis on remediation through project based learning. Students learn appropriate social skills as well as structured behavioral rules and consequences, and frequently apply knowledge and skills to life situations, along with both in-class and community-based projects.