The Garrison Minute

Earth Day is coming soon! In order to pull off this fabulous day here at Garrison, we need some help. If you have some time on Friday, April 18th, please consider coming in to volunteer. Sign up here:


Garrison, the yearbook is almost complete! Ms. Bird needs a few more pictures to complete some pages. The following are the pages we still need photos for. 
1. Band and Chorus
2. P.E. 
3. Holiday Concert 
4. Sweetheart Social
5. Bowling
6. Earth Day
Oh, and content for GES 50th Anniversary - do you have any GES memorabilia from years past that you can snap a photo of?

Do you have photos of any of these events (if you have Earth Day photos already, I am going to be VERY impressed), please email them to me at and I will upload them into the yearbook dropbox. Thank you so much!

Earth Day is coming!

We are in need of bottle caps for an Earth Day project that we hope to complete.  Please send us any plastic bottle caps that are clean, and we'll turn that trash into art!

We've started planning for Earth Day, and we'd love your help!  

We'll be reaching out soon for volunteer help - we hope you can join us.