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Dover Parental Notification

Parental Notification-ELL Program
Title III Compliance
English Language Learner Program

Dover School District

Dover, NH
Date: _____________

To the Parents of _______________________ Grade: ______________________

(Student's Name)


Subject: Parental Notification of Student Eligibility for Placement in the ELL Program

Your child _____________________________ has been assessed for English language proficiency.

Results of the assessments: W-APT Oral______________; W-APT Listening ____________;

W-APT Reading_______________ ; W-APT Writing________________;

W-APT Overall Score _________________.

Based on these results, your child qualifies for the ELL Program. Your child's English language level is __________________.

Identification for Eligibility for ELL Services

Your child took a language assessment, because a language other than English was entered on his/her Home Language Survey. This assessment is a nationally recognized language placement test that measures your child's language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. This practice is in alignment with Dover's ESOL Compliance Plan (August 2006) and Federal law. Students who have an overall score of less than 5 on the W-APT (and scores no lower that 4 in any subtest) are eligible to receive ELL services.

Description of the ELL Program

The English Language Learner (ELL) Program is an instructional program for students who are non- English language background students. The student's English language proficiency level determines his/her participation in the program. The goal of the program is to develop English communication and cognitive-academic language skills so that the students can achieve academic success and assimilate into the school community.

Delivery of ELL Services

The Dover School District currently provides ELL services in 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school. All of the schools provide pullout ELL services for students who can succeed in the mainstream classroom with additional ELL support/instruction. The goal of the program is to transition ELL students out of the program so that they can successfully compete academically with their same grade peers in the mainstream classroom without ELL support. Methods of instruction in the ELL Program are research based and are taught by 1 Highly Qualified, certified ELL teacher and 6 trained tutors.

Time Frame for Delivery of Services

Generally it is expected that students who arrive as non-English speakers will need at least three years direct services by a certified ELL specialist and two years of monitored status. Most studentswho are consistently in the United States for at least five years can succeed academically, particularly if they arrive in the first or second grade.

Meeting the Needs of Your Child

This school year your child will develop these English language skills :

Your child will receive direct language instruction in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The ELL Curriculum is closely aligned to the mainstream curriculum. The goal of the ELL Program is to increase the student's English language proficiency and provide language support in order to be successful in the mainstream classroom.

This year your child will develop these skills in the content areas :
Your child will participate in the mainstream curriculum while receiving support from the ELL Program in his/her building. He/She will also have complete access to all programs in the school and work on the same skills as all mainstream students. Language development will be supported as content area work is instructed.

Exit from ELL Program Criteria

Your child will qualify for the ELL Program until he/she meets the State of NH exit criteria in English proficiency on the ACCESS test. The ACCESS test is a language proficiency assessment that measures listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of non -English background learners. The ACCESS test assigns scores based on a 1 - 6 scoring scale. Students need to attain an overall score of 5 and no score in any of the language domains of listening, speaking, reading, or writing, lower than 4.

All information regarding your child's progress in attaining English language proficiency will be a part of his/her ELL records and may be accessed through his/her ELL teacher.

Expected Rate of Graduation

School districts in New Hampshire expect all students, including ELLs, to graduate within 4 years of entering the 9th grade. However, federal provisions provide that students may graduate within five or six years, if needed.

ELL Students with Disabilities

If your child is a student with a disability and requires an Individualized Education Plan(IEP) or a 504 Plan, the language instruction program will be utilized in coordination with your child's existing plan.

Parental Rights

It is your parental right to: A) decline to enroll your child in the language instruction program; B) enroll or remove your child from the language instruction program at any time during the school year; or C) choose other program options for your child with the assistance of your child's school.

ELL Teacher/ Tutor Signature: __________________________________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________ Email Address:__________________________

Principal's Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Parent Signature:_________________________________________________________________

Please check the box to have your child receive services. □

To decline services, please submit a letter stating that you would like this option.