Report Card Handbooks For K-4 Parents

We have created a new elementary report card to provide you the most updated, meaningful and accurate information about your child as possible. We believe that the new report card is a positive step in better communicating grade-level expectations for student learning.  Your child’s report card will be handed to you by your child’s teacher at parent conferences on Dec. 5th and 6th.

One of the biggest changes on this report card is that throughout the year your child is being scored on end of year grade level standards. This means your child will most likely receive many 1’s and 2’s on their report card at this time of year. This is normal for this time of the year for the majority of students. We anticipate by the end of the year the majority of students will receive 3’s, the expected end of year attainment. The report card also provides information on your child's work habits that include behavior and effort.

We have attached grade level specific handbooks to answer questions you may have about the content assessed in each grade level. You will also receive a hard copy when you receive your child’s report card. Please feel free to reach out to principals, teachers and district administrators if you have questions.