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Sexual Harassment/Title IX


HRO/Title IX Coordinator

Christine Boston Ed.D

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The school district does not discriminate on the basis of sex or other protected categories in its education programs and activities as required by federal and state laws/regulations.   


Discrimination against and harassment of school employees because of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, ancestry or national origin, marital status, familial status, physical or mental disability, religion, or genetic information are prohibited.   


Discrimination against and harassment of students because of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, ancestry or national origin, marital status, familial status, physical or mental disability, religion or economic status are prohibited.  


The Board directs the school administration to create and implement a continuing program designed to prevent, assess the presence of, intervene in, and respond to incidents of discrimination against all applicants, employees, students and other individuals having access rights to school premises and activities.   


The school district has designated and authorized a Human Rights Officer/Title IX Coordinator who is responsible for ensuring compliance with all federal and state requirements relating to nondiscrimination, including sexual harassment. The Human Rights Officer/Title IX Coordinator is a person with direct access to the Superintendent.   


The school district has implemented complaint procedures for resolving complaints of discrimination/harassment and sexual harassment under this policy. The school district provides required notices of these complaint procedures and how they can be accessed, as well as the school district’s compliance with federal and state civil rights laws and regulations to all applicants for employment, employees, students, parents and other interested parties.  


Dover School District Policies  


ACAA Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students

ACAA-E Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Report Form

ACAA-R Student Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedures

ACAB Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees

ACAB-R Employee Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedures




Pursuant to 34 CFR § 106.45(b)(10)(i)(D), the following training materials were used for Professional Development of Dover School District Administrators and Employees.   


Materials for Title IX Coordinator, investigators, and decision makers


In compliance with the requirements of Title IX, 34 C.F.R. § 106.45 (b)(10), Oyster River Cooperative School District has provided required training to all staff. The training materials can be viewed below.

How to Report Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in the Dover School District   

  1. School employees are required to promptly make a report to the HRO/Title IX Coordinator if they have reason to believe that a student has been discriminated against or harassed.  
  2. Students (and others) who believe that they, or another student has been harassed or discriminated against should report their concern promptly to the HRO/Title IX Coordinator, or to the building principal (who will report the matter to the HRO/Title IX Coordinator).   
  3. The individual making the report must provide basic information in writing concerning the allegation of harassment or discrimination (i.e., date, time, location, individual(s) who allegedly engaged in harassment or discrimination, description of allegation) to the HRO/Title IX  Coordinator 
  4. If an individual is unsure as to whether unlawful discrimination or harassment has occurred, or who need assistance in preparing a written complaint, they are encouraged to discuss the matter with the HRO/Title IX Coordinator.   
  5. Individuals will not be retaliated against for reporting suspected discrimination or harassment, or for participating in an investigation. Retaliation is illegal under federal and state nondiscrimination laws, and any retaliation will result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge for employees, and expulsion for students.   
  6. Individuals are encouraged to utilize the school district’s complaint procedure. However, individuals are hereby notified that they also have the right to report incidents of discrimination or harassment to the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights, 2 Industrial Park Drive, Concord, NH 03301 (telephone: 603-271-2767), and/or to the federal Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Ed