Central Office Personnel

Office of the Superintendent
Dr. William Harbron Superintendent 603.516.6802
Tammy Badger Administrative Assistant 603.516.6804
Business Office
Michael Limanni Business Administrator 603.516.6482
Robin Lafleur Payroll & Benefits 603.516.6802
Brenda Leclair Accounts Payable 603.516.6806
Kristen Rup Accounting Specialist 603.516.6253
Evonne Kill-Kish Business Services Assistant 603.516.6810
Cathy Fauer Facilities Coordinator 603.516.6890
Student Services
Christine Boston Director of Pupil Personnel Services 603.516.6920
Abigail Small Assistant Director of Student Services 603.516.1309
Ericka Helm Family Services Facilitator 603.516.1317
Darlene Shanahan Administrative Assistant 603.516.6722
Curriculum Office
Paula Glynn Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment 603.516.6707
Kim Hamel Administrative Assistant 603.516.6706
Kiley Hemphill Math Facilitator 603.516.6700
Veronica Kuzmitski Data & Reporting Analyst
Cindi Shattuck Homeless Liaison 603.516.6708
Christy Prosser Director of Technology