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Curriculum Home

The Department of Teaching and Learning oversees curriculum and instruction for the Dover Public Schools. We help to ensure that our schools, in partnership with our families and community, provide our students with rigorous, joyful and culturally responsive learning as well as the social, emotional and academic supports needed to achieve success.
We promote collaboration among educators within and across our schools, levels and content areas to design, implement and support learning experiences that make authentic connections across disciplines, are meaningful and relevant to our students and lead to growth in student understanding.

The Department of Teaching and Learning strives to:

•  Support school administrators in their roles as instructional leaders.
• Create a culture of professional growth through professional development.  
• Support teachers as they work to obtain skills and knowledge to improve their instruction with students. 
• Coordinate the testing process for the district.
• Implement a curriculum renewal plan to evaluate, develop, align, implement and refine curriculum based on the NH state standards.
• Develop and facilitate instructional leadership among teaching staff.

Teaching and Learning Department Staff:
Kiley Hemphill Co-Director of Curriculum Instruction & Assessment
Jen Krans Co-Director of Curriculum Instruction & Assessment
Siobhan Mehalek Co-Director of Curriculum Instruction & Assessment
Lindsey Dube Dean of Curriculum & Instruction DMS
Valerie West Dean of Curriculum & Instruction DHS
Jackie Hansen Elementary Instructional Coach
Deb Nary Elementary Instructional Coach
Steve Pellicano Data & Reporting Analyst
Greg Howard Curriculum Office Administrative Assistant