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Volunteer Information

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in becoming a school volunteer. We're grateful for your willingness to lend us your time and talent and energy.

The Dover School District recruits and trains community members to serve in a variety of volunteer roles. Some serve as general classroom assistants and help teachers in a variety of tasks. Others tutor or mentor children on a regular, weekly basis. Others help chaperone events or field trips.

All volunteers are required to be fingerprinted at the SAU office in the McConnell Center prior to beginning service. Please contact the school for which you would like to volunteer or to determine if you need this process completed.  If you need to be call the SAU office at 603-516-6800 to schedule an appointment.
An appointment must be scheduled we do not take walk-ins.
You will be required to show proof of ID and make payment by check or money order for $21.25 to the State of NH - Criminal Records.

Again – thank you for your interest.

For more information, please visit our policy page on this website and refer to GBCD, GBCD-R, IJOC and IJOC-R.