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Phone System

Dover School District Phone System

BayRing/Cisco Voice Over IP Phones (VOIP)

What is VOIP? This simply means that our telephone system is run over the network along with our computers. VOIP simply defined is Voice over Internet Protocol. Internet Protocol or IP is how our computers "talk" over the network.

If you are not familiar with our BayRing phones we have several guides that can assist you.

Shortcut Guide to commonly used features - In this guide you will find all the important features on how to transfer calls, forward calls, and how to retrieve your messages. You may want to print off a copy of this guide and put it near your phone.
Using the BayRing Online CommPortal will allow you to set up your greeting, view your missed calls, listen to your voice messages, along with many, many more great features that will assist you when you are not at your desk. Download this guide and see all the things you've been missing!